In Conversation With: Faye Mills x Calvin Klein Jeans

In Conversation With: Faye Mills x Calvin Klein Jeans

This week we kicked off our ‘In Conversation With’ series with Faye Mills. Faye is a fashion and beauty ambassador based from Manchester, with a strong urban edge to her street style. As the season of gifting is upon us, we had her into the studio for a gifting session. The gift? A Calvin Klein Jeans puffer jacket, perfect for the colder weather.

What is your Top Trend of 2020?

Faux leather. I feel like it’s a really versatile material; it looks really good with leggings, trousers and coats.

What are your Winter must-haves?

A good puffer coat or jacket, a nice jumper, some gloves and a hat and scarf

What is your 2020 Anthem?

Head and Heart by MNEK x Joel Corry. I feel like it’s just a really upbeat and happy song. To be honest, we’ve all needed a bit of that this year.

What is your top piece of advice?

My favourite piece of advice would be to just be yourself. I know that this sounds super cliche but honestly, the sooner that you realise this, the happier you will be.

Favourite designer item?

My Balenciaga Track 2 trainers. They’re just so versatile and I wear them with absolutely everything.

Best way to spend Christmas?

I definitely prefer Christmas at home because, for me, Christmas is all about family and being at home with them. Although this year, I feel like I just want to go abroad and get away from everything.

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