In Conversation With Honest Burgers

In Conversation With Honest Burgers

Transporting you to London for out Destinations campaign, we are joined by Adam Layton, at the Greenwich Honest Burgers restaurant. The head of collaborations discusses with us all that it is to be a great British Burger brand in London, Manchester and the rest of the UK. Catch the full interview below.

What is your role at Honest Burgers?Ā 

I am the head of collaborations at Honest Burgers, we’re a great British burger brand, selling great British burgers and we are equally as famous for our rosemary salted chips.

What is the head of collaborations?Ā 

The head of collaborations means I pick people at local level usually to work with so this could be local suppliers, local street food businesses, local producers. Just to find out what the best ingredients in the neighbourhood are and the best people to work with.Ā  That is what sets Honest apart really, 20% of our menu is local, so if you are in Liverpool you will get something that is very focused on the flavours there, the food scene there. We have done a local collaboration with a local trader called Hafla Hafla. But then you go over to Manchester and it’s different, different breweries, supply lines, cheeses. So you know that is what makes Honest tick really, every city is a new larder. I don’t consider it a chain restaurant as such, we do things very differently and the local approach keeps us more in touch with the community.

How do you find operating in Manchester?Ā 

So Manchester is a city that I love, we’ve been there for a couple of years now. We’re in Spinningfields, so a lot of people the other side of Manchester probably don’t come that way too often, but it’s a great site. It is a grade 2 listed building, I initially had some chats with Alphabet and Track and some really good breweries and we got working with Mark at Runaway eventually. Some of the best local supply lines, so we will do a collaboration for example we’ll create a new beer thats bespoke to that neighbourhood and often those collaboration lines get adopted into the core lines because they are so successful.

What collaborations have been most popular this year?Ā 

Our ‘Honest at home’ kits have been really big this year. We also did a St Patricks day one which is in collaboration with Guinness as well. Obviously Guinness and St Patricks day, you can’t get a bigger brand allegiance there.

Pickles or no pickles?

In the old pickles vs no pickles debate, I mean it has to be pickles. You know you need that sharpness, that texture and crunch. If you take the pickles out, you are no friend of mine.

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