In Conversation With La Marzocco

In Conversation With La Marzocco

From the flat white, to iced frappe, we’re covering all bases with La Marzocco as we caught up with the brand at their Shoreditch showroom, for our Destinations London edit.


Whether you’re looking for the best coffee shops, or brunch hot spots, the home coordinator of La Marzocco, Ruth Calderwood, joins us to discuss finding the best coffee and coffee shops.

The first thing to look for, would be is there a coffee roaster on display? You can see this by some branded bags on display either by the coffee machine or on the shelves. If you see a bag you recognise, it’s probably a speciality coffee roaster and the barrister will know how to brew it really well. In some places you might even see a coffee roaster on site. So, the coffee is going to be super fresh and taste delicious.

Another thing to look for is the type of equipment which they are using in the shop. La Marzocco make premium quality espresso machines, so if you see one in a shop it’s probably going to be a good coffee.

You might recognise the Linea Classic, or the Linea PB Machine, these are our most common coffee machines. But, you might also see the Strada, the KB 90, the FB 80 or the DB5. Keep an eye out for those and definitely go back and check them out if you see them.

The next thing to look out for when you go into a coffee shop, is what’s the atmosphere like? Just like restaurants and cocktail bars, all your favourites probably have a really good atmosphere to them. There’s lots of different coffee cultures around the world, maybe it’s like an Australian style cafe, Italian or Japanese, all of these account to create a different atmosphere in the cafe.

Remember to support your local and independent coffee shops too. When you go to a new place, you want to find all the best local independent places. Find one that supports a good social cause, whether they work to employ the homeless, they donate parts of their profits to charity or any other kind of social initiative, it’s always good to support those ones because there is a lot going on around the country.

Finishing off the coffee experience, have a look at the shop and see if they sell cocktails or food as well. You can turn it into more than just popping in for a quick coffee, you can have a look at the brunch menu or maybe it’s the evening and you want to have a cocktail with food, there is lots of coffee cocktails around, so always give them a try.

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