In Conversation With Restaurant Ours

In Conversation With Restaurant Ours

As part of our Destination London series, we caught up with John Common of Restaurant Ours to discuss what goes on inside the restaurant and the sort of events they host.

Simple yet stand-out, Restaurant Ours brings the outside in, to create an unexpected space hidden in the heart of Knightsbridge. Unpretentious, effortless and elegant with a nod to retro chic. An internationally inspired sharing menu that focuses on seasonal, fresh ingredients and flavour. Accompanied by eclectic cocktails and a range of carefully selected wines. Restaurant Ours also provides stand out entertainment that adds a further layer to the drinking and dining experience. With DJ’s, live performers and actors, there’s always something to take you by surprise and grab your attention.

Watch the full interview below.

Tell us about Restaurant Ours?

It’s a lively, fun restaurant with a bit of a destination vibe. We have DJ’s, live performers and actors so yes it’s not your usual restaurant.

What is the most popular event at the moment?

Brunch is super popular at the moment. We have a Drag Brunch on Sunday’s with Jodie Harsh which has been super popular and the clientele come from all around London they’re not just locals.

What celebs have visited ours?

We’ve had loads of celebrities here, like we’ve had Rihanna, Drake, Travis Scott, Johnny Depp came to a birthday party once as well so loads of famous faces without a doubt.

What do you think encourages people to visit ours?

Obviously we’ve got loads of links with some really cool nightclubs in the West End. So before they go perform or visit our nightclubs we get them down to the restaurant beforehand. It’s such a beautiful venue and it’s such an amazing space, so I think those are the two factors that I want them to come.

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