In Conversation With Rosslyn Coffee

In Conversation With Rosslyn Coffee

As we venture further through our Destinations LondonĀ campaign, we are joined by the co-founder of Rosslyn Coffee, James Hennebry. We catch up over coffee with him about one of cities the most instagrammable coffee shops located in the heart of London.

Can you introduce yourself to us?

My name is James Hennebry, I am one of the co-founders of Rosslyn Coffee. We are a small but busy coffee shop located in the city of London, close to Banks station.

Where did it all begin?

I grew up in the countryside of Ireland and I used to visit London as a kid and the city always fascinated me. I got into coffee when I lived down in Melbourne, Australia, which is where my business partner: Matt is from. So, we were in that industry, we decided to give it a go ourselves. But ultimately it’s about contributing to the city of London.

Why London?

London has a considerably more deep and rich coffee culture than a lot of people would realise. Around the corner from Rosslyn, is where the original coffee house of the late 1600’s sort of popped up. Then, there was the espresso coffee bars of Soho in the 50’s and 60’s, You had Monmouth Coffee Company in the 70’s and then in the 00’s and 2010’s the likes of the flat white, caffeine, square mile coffee roasters. It’s just phenomenal history right here in London

What’s next for Rosslyn?

We’re looking to develop across new sites across the city and one of the things that we want to do is be identifiably Rosslyn, but also sympathetic to that specific field, you know that specific area, acknowledging that wealth of history.

Can you tell us more about the different coffees at Rosslyn?

We’ve got different coffee’s for different drinks, so depending on what coffee you order, you will get a different theme basically. If you order a milky coffee, be it a flat white or cappuccino, you’ll have the roasted for milk. It’s a blend of two Brazilians, the idea is it is very chocolatey, nutty, caramel, toffee. If you ordered a black coffee, like an espresso or an americano, long black. You would have a single origin, that’s also of Brazil. It works great as a black. All of our house coffee’s are roasted by Origin Coffee Roasters, in Cornwall.

Are there any speciality coffee’s?

We have guest coffee’s that come in, they change monthly. This month its Coffee Roasters, from Copenhagen. We bring in some of the best coffee’s from the worlds leading roasters. We are often the only place in Europe to have a specific coffee. We also have our off menu, frozen coffee’s, which is where we are building up a library of some of the best coffee’s that we have come across over the past few years. By freezing them, basically we can preserve them.

It’s not just coffee though, is it?

No, all of our baked goods are from Bread Bread’s, in Brixton. All of our ceramics are made by Melissa Dora, in South East London, she’s in Honor Oak and she is awesome.

We like to think Rosslyn is a combination of all the attention to detail and high standards of the great Australian Cafe combined with the warmth and hospitality of an Irish pub. There is nothing pretentious about what we do, it’s just good coffee, served by nice people, is the idea.

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