In Conversation With Sophie Miller X Parajumpers

In Conversation With Sophie Miller X Parajumpers

As more of us are home for the holidays this year, we catch up with the model turned ambassador Sophie Miller in Parajumpers to discuss her family Christmas traditions, winter staples and her favourite piece of advice. Because let’s face it, we all need more inspirational messages as we come out ofĀ  this year and leave 2020 behind us.

What is your favourite piece of advice?

I feel like everything happens for a reason is a good one, if you follow that then you know you are on the right path.

Do you prefer to be at home or abroad at Christmas?

I think I definitely prefer a stay at home Christmas. We did actually go away one year, skiing and I thought it was going to be really good and the proper Christmas scene but as soon as we got away I just wanted to be at home.

What is your favourite trend?

I really like the knitted, sleeveless vests/ jumpers with a shirt underneath. I’ve seen loads and loads across Instagram and I think they look really good.

What is your 2020 anthem?

I have always liked Justin Bieber since I was like 15, and I think it would have to be his new one with Chance the Rapper – Holy.Ā 

What are your winter staples?

Definitely a pair of leather look trousers and a good pair of black chunky boots as I think they can go with anything.

Does your family have any Christmas traditions?

My dad makes us do it every year and he will record us coming down the stairs and going into the living room on Christmas day from us being little. Even now at 25 and 23 he still makes us do it every year.

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