In Focus: Belstaff

In Focus: Belstaff

Belstaff have been a British fave for many years. Starting in 1924, they were the first company to use wax cotton in the manufacturing of waterproof clothing for motorcyclists. Since then, they’ve grown as a company and have a much wider offering that goes beyond motorcycling apparel. This week, we’re focusing in on the brand and giving you some of our highlights from the brand.

Belstaff have pioneered themselves as a luxury brand over recent years, and this is evident through the high quality fabrics they use within their pieces. At Tessuti, we stock a range of pieces from sweatshirts and tees to wax jackets and puffers. And with the unpredictable British weather, we feel like you’ll probably get your use out of everything all year round. Whether it’s a wax jacket on a rainy day, or an over-shirt on those sunny days with a chill in the air.

The brands luxury feel progressed even further when Burberry veteran, Martin Cooper joined the company as chief creative officer. He saw the potential in the brand and strived to transform this mid-range upscale brand into a real luxury label. His aim was to create a Belstaff ā€˜lifestyleā€™ of luxury and he succeeded in this. Wearing Belstaff is now more than just a choice for the quality. It’s a decision many make based on the name, reputation and overall brand identity. With it’s iconic logo branding, it’s not one to miss.

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