In Focus: On Running

In Focus: On Running

Founded in 2010, Swiss running brand On Running was created to be a brand made for runners by people at the top of the athletic game. Created by professional athlete Olivier Bernhard and his two friends, they found a Swiss engineer to help develop their product. Combining their knowledge of athletes with the technical advancements made possible with engineering expertise, they have succeeded in making some of the best running shoes in the market.


Made for both men and women, the aim of On Running is to give a fresh take on running shoes to make them as comfortable as they can be. Their ethos is to create shoes with ‘soft landings followed by explosive take-offs’. With this in mind they have created shoes that are said to be like running on clouds without compromising on sleek design and a contemporary look.


Their range of fully cushioned running shoes with impeccable design means that they can be worn for both sports and leisure. The sky’s the limit with this brand and they have also expanded into clothing to encompass the whole sportswear outfit. Wear On Running from head to toe to ensure your activewear is the best in the field. With track pants, track tops and t-shirts, their sleek designs ensure there is no extra weight to weigh you down whilst running and will ensure a streamlined workout for everyone.

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