In Focus: Sandbanks

In Focus: Sandbanks

Named after the south coast peninsula famous for its golden beaches and luxury housing, often called ‘Britain’s Palm Beach’, Sandbanks are making their mark in the growing sustainable luxury market.

Sustainability is built into the DNA at Sandbanks. Born from a basic desire to create eco-friendly luxury fashion, the south coast brand takes great steps to ensure every garment is made in a way that promotes environmental responsibility, from the materials used to people involved in the supply chain.

Setting themselves such a task forces designers to find innovative solutions beyond traditional manufacturing. For outerwear enthusiasts passionate about the latest developments in technical fabrics – this is exciting new terrain. Necessity is the mother of invention, after all. Here’s a few ways Sandbanks are rising to the challenge.


Recycled Materials

Sandbanks uses Recycled Polyester (RPET) regenerated from PET plastic found in landfill and the oceans, supplied by Everest Textile Co. Similarly, all nylon comes from rescued plastic from landfills and oceans all over the world. The nylon is taken back to its virgin form and spun into textile yarn, to be reused in the production of fabric.

Organic Cotton

100% Organic Cotton is used in Sandbanks products. It is GOTS certified, traceable from the seed to the finished product, and grown meeting strict environmental and societal criteria. Organic Cotton farming enables CO2 to be locked into the soil, helping reduce global warming and fighting climate change. Being a natural fibre, cotton does not release microfibres when being washed that could otherwise pollute the oceans.

Tree Planting

One way in which Sandbanks offset carbon is through planting trees with Ecologi. For every product they produce, they purchase and plant a tree. Each tree planted offsets approximately 30kg of CO2 per year, which more than covers the quantity of CO2 produced during the development, manufacturing and purchase of each garment. Over the next 25 years, each tree will continue to offset carbon, equating to approximately 750kg per tree over the period. All Sandbanks products are carbon neutral. You can visit their ‘virtual forest’ and see the progress so far at: Sandbanks Ecologi


Sandbanks clothing is manufactured in Italy, Portugal and Romania. The factories in these countries adopt responsible environmental standards. Workers are paid a skilled wage, and men and women are treated fairly.

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