In Focus: Storm, Earth and Petroleum Collections From Red Run

In Focus: Storm, Earth and Petroleum Collections From Red Run

The team of women at Red Run have been working hard over lockdown. Over the past year, they planned, designed and launched their own activewear brand and today, it has just launched at Tessuti and stock is already flying off our virtual shelves. So, what’s so special about Red Run? Other than the fact they’re sustainable and luxurious, we’ll let the collections do the talking. We present to you the Storm, Earth and Petroleum collections from Red Run.

The Storm Collection from Red Run

The Storm Collection

The Storm Collection features the colours you’d expect from a storm. Dark and muted shades of grey dominate the collection and create a classic and timeless look that work with any of your favourite running shoes. For those monochromatic lovers and those that tend to shy away from colour, this is the perfect collection to give you some of the best activewear your wardrobe will see. Luxurious fabrics really elevate the collection alongside comfortable silhouettes.

The Earth Collection from Red Run

The Earth Collection

The Earth Collection brings you beautiful neutral earthy tones, for a pop of colour without being too overwhelming. The Earth Collection is the perfect in-between of the three collections by bringing you soft colours that are toned down for those experimenting with colour but not quite ready to stand out with the brights of the Petroleum collection.

Petroleum Collection from Red Run

The Petroleum Collection

If you’re a lover of colour and all things bright, the Petroleum Collection is for you. Featuring bright teals alongside peachy pinks, they bring the summer vibes we’ve been longing for. The colour blocking brings a modern twist to activewear and will have you feeling fresh and ready to get out to the great outdoors. Brighten up drab and dull days and give yourself and extra kick of motivation with this collection.

Shop Red Run Activewear at Tessuti now and discover the Storm, Earth and Petroleum collections.

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