Introducing Azat Mard

Introducing Azat Mard

New brand Azat Mard is something to have on your radar this year. Providing contemporary menswear, their new collection is something not to be missed. And we’ve got it here on Tessuti.


Created in 2018 by Armenian footballer Garen Tchobanian and Neil Malhotra who has a degree in fashion management, the brand was destined for success from the very start. Combining their skills and expertise, they have created a luxury menswear brand that showcases loungewear and outerwear that every man wants to wear.



The brand name Azat Mard comes from the Armenian meaning of ‘Free Man’ which suitably represents the ethos of this brand. Catering for the man who wants to stand out with their wardrobe and be free to show their style, Azat Mard has got their customer nailed. Featuring a collection that is comprised of bold logos with sleek design, their latest drop is not to be missed.

Sticking to a mostly monochromatic colour palette for this collection has ensured that the modern man looks sleek whilst wearing their day-to-day outfits. This is everyday wear with an edge. Explore the Azat Mard collection for yourself on Tessuti now.

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