Introducing Backside Club

Introducing Backside Club

Tessuti are now the home of Backside Club, a modern streetwear brand with a unisex offering perfect for those looking for athleisure with a unique and innovative backstory.

The story starts with Alain and Gloen, two young brothers passionate about fashion design and architecture. With a dream and a plan in mind, in 2007 the brothers had the vision to inhabit their own space, so they moved into their own industrial farm near venice. Here is where Apache farm was born. In 2013 they opened their first design pole in the centre of Padova. The pole became accessible to all creative’s, writers, artisans, designers and musicians. This underground place started gathering a community of people and they called it ‘backsideclub’. In October 2019 backside club then presented its first “market” collection.

The brand produces products curated by Italian artisans starting from the collaboration with different designers and architects around the world. The brand has now produced EAST LOS, with the inspiration of the 90’s mixed in with luxury materials and recycled plastic inserts.

Another collection that the brand has produced is Marrakech Country Club, with it’s bold palm print and neutral tones, these pieces are perfect to mix in with your day to day wardrobe. We recommend the pieces BACKSIDE CLUB UNISEX BASIC PALM T-SHIRT and the BACKSIDE CLUB BASIC PALM HOODIE. Shop Backside Club at Tessuti today.

Or for a more simplistic sleek feel we recommend the Saint Germain collection. The BACKSIDE CLUB UNISEX BASIC SAINT GERMAIN SWEATSHIRT and the BACKSIDE CLUB UNISEX BASIC SAINT GERMAIN T-SHIRT allows you to mix and match with your partner to curate an elegant athleisure look.

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