Introducing DKNY: New York inspired womenswear

Introducing DKNY: New York inspired womenswear

Influenced by the busy, urban lifestyle of New York city, DKNY represents a woman who seeks the thrill of a fast-paced life. Founded by Donna Karan in 1984, DKNY is a response to the woman who wants an outfit that is perfect for an eventful weekend with friends, but equally can throw on a pair of heels and look effortlessly stylish for the office. DKNY provides that; interchangeable pieces with an urban feel that lets you wear every day, comfortable pieces whilst still maintaining an elegant look. This is streetwear for the sophisticated woman.

Here at Tessuti, we have a selection of DKNY clothes and accessories that are perfect for hitting the gym in the morning in some sports chic leggings and a classic tee, then throwing on one of DKNY’s effortlessly stylish bags to go meet your friends for lunch and some shopping afterwards. These pieces are easy to fit around a busy lifestyle that make you look like you’ve put a lot into your outfit, when in reality, you’ve had 5 minutes to get ready before heading out the door.

The DKNY palette on Tessuti is monochromatic with a pop of red, showing sportswear as an everyday uniform. This allows the pieces to be easily interchangeable to create outfits that suit your mood or occasion. Because of this, it is an affordable brand that is able to meet all of your lifestyle needs. DKNY is the go-to brand for the modern woman with a New York state of mind and a style driven state of being.

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