Introducing: Forty

Introducing: Forty

This is a brand with unique beginnings. Former DJ Harry Miller first had the idea to build his brand after seeing a drawing from his then 3 year old son. With the help of his close friend who is a graphic designer, they used this monster drawing to create the first garments for the streetwear brand: Forty Clothing. And the rest is history.

Forty is a fashion brand that plays on the idea that inspiration is all around us. With a love of style, music, and art, they have used these elements to make the brand what it is today. Born and bred in Glasgow, it started from humble beginnings starting with a pop-up shop underneath a barbers. After so much success from this they have now grown to have their own flagship store that celebrates artists in their shop design and reinforces their creative spark.

With t-shirts, sweatshirts, shorts and much more this luxe loungewear brand has the perfect pieces for your streetwear style. This season they bring us bright colours as well as your neutral options to give a summer edge to your wardrobe. All with the unique monster drawing running throughout which gives a personal touch to each piece and makes it feel even more special, as if you are wearing a piece of art.

Discover the collection today and shop Forty now.

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