Introducing Lemon Jelly

Introducing Lemon Jelly

New to Tessuti is Portuguese brand, Lemon Jelly. Giving your wardrobe a fruity kick, every shoe is infused with a lemon scent. Better yet, the brand are striving for sustainability and were even voted the Best Sustainable Boot by The Independent this month. So what are you waiting for? Read on and discover the collection at Tessuti.

Lemon Jelly

As mentioned, these boots come with a striking lemon scent as the brands signature touch. This touch gives the boots that little extra luxury feel and gives you something you wouldn’t get from your average run-of-the-mill high-street boots. These are something special and it provides its customers with an experience.

In addition, Lemon Jelly are sustainable, vegan and even water-proof. The shoe brand has a lot to offer and are keeping up with the times with contemporary and eco-conscious designs. Lemon Jelly had realised that their expenditure of electricity is 3 to 5 times higher than conventional footwear companies. Rather than shying away from this and turning a blind eye, they were honest and came up with a plan to offset this by using solar panels to power them, and now operate with 100% renewable electricity. This is just one of the many initiatives the brand has implemented and are a brand to look up to and inspire others.

If you couldn’t tell already, Lemon Jelly are a fun brand that don’t take themselves too seriously. Whilst plastic shoes can feel reminiscent of our childhood, the brand have given an adult spin on what you might have remembered from you younger days. What they’re most known for it reinventing the classic Wellington and giving it a new zest of life. The wellington is given a streetwear flair that makes their boots look cool and trendy, from sleek and glossy designs to on-trend chelsea boots, the brand have something for everyone.

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