Introducing Red Run Activewear

Introducing Red Run Activewear

Launching at Tessuti soon is a new streetwear meets activewear brand, Red Run. Set up during lockdown last year, and whilst relatively new to the scene, you will not believe it when you see how strong their collection is. If you’ve not heard of the brand before or want to find out a little more, read on.

Who are Red Run?

Red Run is a brand developed by a team of women determined to feel and look good. Their collection is designed In House by their co-owner and creative director. All their manufacturing is done using top quality Italian and Portuguese fabrics in Portugal.  As well as wanting to create a brand that is on trend and stands out from your run-of-the-mill activewear, they also have a keen eye on sustainability and aim to source recyclable and organic materials where possible.

What is their mission?

Overall, Red Run is looking to build a highly desirable streetwear brand.  They are on a journey to grow the brand with quality, trend, and sustainability at its core.

How was Red Run founded?

As briefly mentioned already, the brand started in lockdown last year. Lockdown has not been short of its challenges, but it has also brought opportunities, alongside some realisations.  Many of us came to realise how important exercise is for our mental and physical wellbeing. It has been something that has helped people through these difficult times. This is where Red Run come in. Having struggled to find a ‘one stop shop’ for activewear that boosts modern streetwear style, fits right and is comfortable, they decided to create a brand that aims to bring all of this to life.

Who are the collections aimed at?

Red Run is aimed toward women with busy and active lifestyles. It aims to empower women and give them the perfect blend of comfort and style so they can feel their best.

If you’re looking to take your activewear to the next level, keep an eye out for the launch at Tessuti soon for pieces to make you look and feel good.

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