Introducing: Represent Denim

Introducing: Represent Denim

A new luxury clothing brand to Tessuti, Represent offer street inspired, reworked denim pieces. To find out more about the brand, we sat down with the founders Mike and George Heaton, to get you all the insider knowledge and expertise on the collections and what inspires the designers at Represent.

Can you tell us more about the brands history?

The brand has a unique history and reality of natural progression to it. We started Represent because we wanted to create what we wanted to wear as two young adults at 19 years old, so the brand matured with ourselves as designers and our customer base has formed a strong loyalty as they’re similar to ourselves, and that goes hand-in-hand with our creations at Represent.

What inspires the different collections and the brand? 

The collection for Tessuti is inspired by our forward take on classic denim styles. The fit and fabric is iconic to Represent and completes the outfits that are offered by Tessuti.

Why Represent? Why should customers purchase the brand? 

Whether you follow the story of the brand’s growth or not, Represent is at the quality of high-end fashion, meticulous attention to detail and luxury fabrications are offered at a reasonable price structure for customers.

What makes a good pair of jeans? 

Comfort is key with the perfect cotton/elastane blend. That’s the reason we created our iconic denim. A stretch tapered fit with a slight stacking to the leg, maintaining weight and quality.

The brands overarching 5 year plan – What can we expect to come? 

The collections at Represent are constantly progressing, so to see what they’ll look like in 5 years right now would be amazing. In terms of business, we would love to achieve International growth with bricks and mortar stores.

What are your favourite brands available at Tessuti? 

Stone Island, Y-3 & Veja.

Now available at Tessuti, discover Represent.

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