Introducing: Stand Out Summer Campaign

Introducing: Stand Out Summer Campaign

Introducing the #StandOut Summer campaign, featuring Elliot ‘Example’ Gleave and Erin Mcnaught. From the UK to Australia, Tessuti discovers how influencers and style leaders across the globe dress, using clothing as a creative aspect to represent who they are and what they stand for. Explore more about the campaign now live at Tessuti…

The latest instalment of #StandOut features key pieces from your favourite luxury designers. And the most wanted pieces. Across the world, each and every city owns its own trends that infiltrate and influence everything from style to music. Flying across the world, Tessuti takes to Australia to discover the city of Brisbane and showcase Stand Out style from one of Australia’s largest cities.

Featuring Example and Erin Mcnaught, the summer campaign truly showcases stand out style. Example known for his distinctive street style and his highly credible career in the music scene wears luxury brands with a streetwear twist. Combining both high end luxury with street style. Erin uses clothing to represent who she is, from a Calvin Klein tee to Polo Ralph Lauren bomber, there is nothing that she doesn’t look good in. A confident couple, to present #StandOut Summer.

It’s time to wear Tessuti all day and all night. Make a statement about who you are, with the clothes you wear. From Emporio Armani, DKNY, CP Company to Stone Island, #StandOut Summer is here to turn up the heat on your Summer wardrobe and to make sure this seasons style stands out.

Shop the campaign now.

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