Klarna: A New Way To Pay

Klarna: A New Way To Pay

Klarna is changing the way you pay. Secure. Quick. Painless. Explore a way to make paying for something straightforward, safe and above all, as seamless as possible. Let us explain…

Like many good ideas, Klarna began in Sweden. Its goal: to make paying for things smooth, safe and simple. Also, giving you an alternative to the more traditional methods of paying for your designer labels and replacing it with quick one-touch hassle-free payment that’s more in tune with today’s fast-moving technology.

So, what are the features? In a nutshell, Klarna let’s you buy now and pay later. 30 days later, in fact. That means your Stone Island jacket or your Vivienne Westwood handbag can be paid for after you have got any other outgoings out of the way.

The beauty of Klarna is that by allowing you to pay 30 days later, therefore after delivery, it means you can try them on and either keep them or send them back before any payment has been made or taken from your account. Then, as long as you pay within those 30 days, there are no fees or charges. So, if you’re the type of person who likes to order a few sizes, try them on and see how they fit with your existing labels; Klarna couldn’t be more perfect.

But that’s not the only benefit of Klarna – take a look at all the other benefits below.

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Keep an eye out for Klarna Slice It which is coming soon to Tessuti.

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