Les Deux: An interview with the Co-Founder and Creative Director

Les Deux: An interview with the Co-Founder and Creative Director

Copenhagen-based brand Les Deux was founded in 2009 by two friends wanting to combine Copenhagen’s urban style with the preppiness of Denmark’s Northern Sealand. Starting with a humble t-shirt, the brand has since evolved into a range of men’s everyday essentials.

New to Tessuti, we wanted to find out more about one of our favourite upcoming brands and caught up with Andreas, co-founder of the brand, and Mathias, the brand’s Creative Director, about all things Les Deux!


Why the name “Les Deux”?

Andreas: “Les Deux is a Copenhagen born brand with international roots. Les Deux directly translated from French means « The Two », which in turn relates to our story as two founders creating the company from two completely different backgrounds. One a political refugee from Congo and the other a classical Scandi boy from the suburbs. Two mindsets and two cultural backgrounds merged together to bring together the best of both worlds. Les Deux is a casual sportswear brand with elements of street wear and heritage style. We wanted to have an international name from the beginning, as we always had the final goal of making this small brand which just launched with a collection of T-shirts, into an international one.”


For those who have not come across the brand before, can you summarise Les Deux in three words or less?

Andreas: “Originals of Tomorrow”.


What was your initial inspiration behind this season’s collection?

M: “This summer’s collection was inspired by a trip I took with my wife. We went to Paris and stayed in the Latin quarter -that part of the city was so vibrant and alive. So colourful! I found the people who lived in the Latin quarter very creative and inspiring, it really got me thinking.”


Scandinavia is traditionally known for its design, but what is it about Copenhagen specifically that has led to it becoming such a breeding ground for young fashion brands in recent years?

A: “I think it’s about the combination of storytelling and simplicity. It is the way we live, the way we care about product and the simplicity of the designs we use which makes it timeless yet unique.”


It all started with one simple t-shirt. Since then, the brand has developed into a coherent premium wardrobe for the modern man. What has been the best part of the journey so far?

M: “In the beginning it felt unreal to see people wearing products that I had designed. I got a real kick out of it! I almost wanted to stop them and tell them that I had made that particular item they were wearing. That has been one of the best parts of the journey to date. It has been very exciting and inspiring to see how our products can work across different personalities and countries- that our storytelling now is universal!”


In your experience, what is the most challenging thing about starting a fashion brand?

A: “Where to start? Firstly, why does the world need another clothing brand? For us the hardest part was starting from nothing without any knowledge about the fashion industry, no network and no money. We found a basic white t-shirt and some military patches in London, sewed them on and from there we started to sell. The hardest part in the beginning was to get accepted by the stores as a brand and creating the hype on the street which, in the end, enticed the shops to buy our collection.”


If you could describe the typical Les Deux customer ,who would they be?

A: “Men between 25-35, who are career and style minded.”

Are there any trends you’re excited about now or predict will be big in coming seasons?

M: “The over-sized shirts and tailored silhouettes mixed with wider pants. That for sure is something that we are starting to see more and more.”

Outside of fashion what are your other interests/inspiration?

M: “I’m actually a pretty simple guy. I really enjoy staying at home with my family, working in the garden or spending a whole day cooking an amazing meal. I’m quite childish, so whenever I have time to play with my son, I do that. I have recently bought a house near a golf course, so I spend some time there as well.”

Thanks to Mathias and Andreas for chatting with us!

Check out the range of Les Deux here >

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