London Fashion Week Men’s Day 2

London Fashion Week Men’s Day 2

Day two of London Fashion Week Men’s sees another full day of shows where more designers present their Autumn/Winter 20 collections. Here we have our highlights from the day.


Per Gotesson

This show was an exploration into the realms of traditional masculinity. Workwear such as aprons merge into whole outfits and sit alongside items with ruching details to give soft silhouettes. There was a feeling of romanticism to the collection as fabric was draped onto the body and collage played a large part. Denim and leather were stitched together and images from old magazines or nature books was repurposed onto a denim gilet. This gave a feeling of nostalgia to each piece. The combination of unstructured silhouettes with workwear fabrics results in a collection that embodies the intertwining of traditional masculinity and femininity.


Xander Zhou

Xander always has an otherworldly feel about his collections. For people that exist outside the realms of the earth that we know. And this show was no exception. Split outfits with a harsh left and right side of the body walked down the runway that gave the feeling of a body split in two.  As well as this, we saw garments with pixelated patterns that didn’t just stop on the clothing but spread over the skin of the models. This, combined with block colour jackets with matching hair, resulted in a collection that was out of this world.


Astrid Andersen

Astrid Andersen is able to combine street sportswear with luxury design in a way that few others can. Models walked down the runway in tracksuits that felt sophisticated with soft pink camouflage. Next to this were pops of vibrant orange and this juxtaposition created a collection that brought a fresh take on sportswear. A variety of prints and colours appeared in the show and the sporty silhouettes mixed with luxurious fabrics made everything feel youthful yet extremely established. Astrid Andersen showed us why she is one of the best in creating street sportswear.


Don’t forget to head over to @tessutiuk for highlights throughout the day.

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