London Fashion Week SS20: Day 1 Highlights

London Fashion Week SS20: Day 1 Highlights

It’s the first day of London Fashion Week and the first time it has ever gone digital. A new experience for all, let’s take a look at some of the day’s highlights.

Lou Dalton

One aspect of the weekend is panel talks with designers and other creatives. This gives an exclusive insight into the making of collections, giving a new angle on the design process. Lou Dalton took part in a conversation with documentary photographer Mark Neville, Gordon Richardson and Stuart Williamson where they discussed how you can tell a narrative through clothing and photography and the relevancy of clothing during a pandemic. This discussion questioned how up and coming designers will adapt and change from the current pandemic and how the fashion industry will make changes in the future. Rather than reinventing yourself each season Lou Dalton talks about the importance of perfecting what your brand is known for, so customers know what they are getting. The significance of this is highlighted during lockdown where people are turning to online shopping for relief. They trust the quality and fit of products from previous seasons and therefore feel comfortable shopping online. Is this the future of fashion?


Another aspect of this weekend is IG Live. Hussein Chalayan and Elise By Olsen sat down for a discussion ranging from the consumption of fashion, to how it is communicated. A recurring theme from day 1 of London Fashion Week has been the opportunity to slow down in the fast-paced world of fashion. Chalayan discusses the desire to create less but with more thought and taking enjoyment in it. In regard to the future of his fashion brand, he talks about the importance of his physical store as being a hub for his brand and the opportunity for him to get to know his customers. He emphasises the importance of community in an industry that can feel so fleeting. He wants to explore his archive and create thought out pieces to give people a timeless wardrobe that gets the essentials right.

Marques Almeida

Marques Almeida shows us a fashion film depicting the making of a new brand called Almeida.reM’Ade. This is using off cuts and recycled fabric. We get an insight into the whole design process from creating silhouettes to making pieces in the factory. This gives the consumer an understanding of how clothes are made, therefore giving the usual London Fashion Week goer and the public alike a newfound understand of the life of a fashion designer and how collections are made.

With day 1 complete, we are excited to see what the rest of the weekend has to offer.

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