Look After Your Skin This Summer With Luxury Skincare

Look After Your Skin This Summer With Luxury Skincare

Summer is here and the sun is beaming. Whilst Vitamin D plays an integral part in keeping your skin in good condition, the UV Rays from the sun can also have damaging effects. And whilst we may not be in one of the hottest countries, it’s still important to be kind to your skin and give it what it needs to stay safe against sun damage, and to stay supple. Read on for some of the best ways to look after your skin this Summer, with luxury facials to designer skincare.

Luxury Facial

Facials are something we often see the likes of Kim Kardashian and other celebs treating themselves to, but we can often overlook them for ourselves. Whilst at-home skincare does a lot of the work, sometimes you just need an extra boost to give you that ultimate Summer glow. Renowned skincare and skin health specialist Annee de Mamiel created a facial with every client in mind. Based just across from Covent Garden’s Royal Opera House, Nomad London hosts de Mamiel’s Digital Fatigue Facial. When you walk in, you’ll be greeted by luxurious black, gold and emerald interiors, and then led through to the soft-toned treatment room to sit back and relax. But what does the facial do you ask? The core of the facial infuses natural antioxidants which tackle inflammation and boost skin cell metabolism. This creates a hydrated and dewy glow, perfect for Summer. It also tackles acne and acne scarring. Alongside this, you’re also taken through deep breathing exercises and treated to a deep massage of your facial muscles. As skincare also comes from within, this facial can help combat stress and make you feel at ease.

At-Home Face Masks

Not got time to head to the spa for a facial? There are many luxury skincare face masks on the market which can give your skin the pick-me-up it needs too, and are handy as weekly additions to your skincare routine. One of the most luxurious on the market is La Mer’s ‘The Hydrating Facial’, which contains plant and marine algae, cellular lipids and avocado and melon extracts which help to really pack in moisture. If you’re looking for something a little more budget-friendly, Charlotte Tilbury also has a great option with her Goddess-Skin Clay Mask. This mask is perfect for Summer as it draws out all the oils and bacteria that can clog your pores, and leaves you looking refreshed and more glowing than ever.

Hats and Caps

Potentially one of the most underrated skincare tips is simply; wearing a cap. Even if you have the best skincare routine around, sometimes you just can’t beat the shade that a cap provides. Especially on those extra-hot days where the sun is in full beam, they can help to keep your face covered in the shade and help to avoid fine lines and signs of ageing. With many brands to choose from at Tessuti, from the likes of Calvin Klein to Tommy Jeans, you can mix and match to suit your outfit that day. Whether you choose to make a fashion statement or keep it simple, do it with only the best of the best at Tessuti.


This goes hand-in-hand with your hats and caps. Another great way to avoid signs of ageing; SPF is one of the most essential parts of your skincare routine and should not be avoided. We understand you might want to top up your tan this Summer, but you can still do so with the right SPF. And when your face is exposed more often to the sun than any other part of your body, you can also see it tan much more easily too. We recommend something like Tom Ford’s Face Protect Broad Spectrum SPF50. Whilst SPF50 may seem high, it easily absorbs into the skin and is one of the best ways to fight those fine lines from appearing. When looking at luxury skincare SPF brands this Summer, the best of the best will always offer SPF50 as the standard for this reason.

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