MA.STRUM: The New Collection

MA.STRUM: The New Collection

There is no doubt that MA.STRUM creates some of the best tech-wear around. Inspired by the icons of casual menswear they specialise in technical outerwear, providing products to disrupt the current market and underpinned with the concept that each garment has a distinct function and utility value.


Who are MA.STRUM?

Taking inspiration from the worlds of sportswear, performance clothing and military design. MA.STRUM was born back in 2008 between MA.STRUM and the Massimo Osti archive, Osti being known for both Stone Island and C.P.Company brands. Flash forward to now and the brand is solely independent, constantly developing the tech-sportswear collections with its military heritage but progressing to be product first with form and function.


What you can expect from the collection?

While MA.STRUM will use their archive to inspire the latest collections, form and function are the key principles the brand use to excite customers. Ranging from a selection of tees to top tier outerwear, each garment must have a core function to sit within the collection. Each collection is pieced together with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that within the range they do not have more than one garment that does the same thing. The brand will re-engineer garments from the previous season to develop and create collections more superior to the last.

The 3 F’s are underpinned with each collection: Form, fabric and function will be evident across each design. Encompassing the type of cut, the type of cotton and the printing techniques. Experimentation with the 3F’s is key to the development process with each progressive MA.STRUM piece.


The future of MA.STRUM

As an innovative brand, MA.STRUM ensures that they will be at the forefront of change, whether this is looking at new shapes, fabrications or new research techniques. The brand will challenge each collection to ensure that they continue to grow in the technical outerwear market. As the head of global marketing and sales Johnny Ridley states ‘we want to be ever evolving and progressive as we can be, we’re not a one trick pony and customers will expect that’.


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