Maharishi: New for SS18

Maharishi: New for SS18

For SS18, Tessuti welcomes Maharishi into our growing roster of brands. Though new to our shelves, the brand has been something of a heavyweight on the UK streetwear-cum-fashion scene for quite some time now, garnering cult popularity for their trailblazing brand values and bold design innovations. Partner this with a truly British sense of understatement and you’re left with a brand of true longevity. Here’s what you need to know about them.


Founded in 1994, by British Designer Hardy Blechman, the brand’s roots lay firmly in the surprisingly complex history of military clothing. The cuts, colours, shapes and quirks of the army are visible to this day in maharishi collections. The most fitting way to describe the brand is to use the half-cliché ‘utilitarian chic’. Although a bit of an oxymoron, it is the only phrase that encompasses the complexity and detail of the designs whilst also recognising the modesty of the brand and it’s designer.

Blechman himself is widely regarded as an expert of militaria amongst other things. In 2004, he co-authored a book on the history of Disruptive Pattern Material – otherwise known as camouflage – and has spoken at length of the development of military uniforms around the world. In fact, it was following a stint in the military surplus trade that Hardy began to turn his attention towards beginning his own brand.

It is worth recognising though that maharishi is not simply some kind of army surplus reproduction company. It has managed to retain a lasting sense of individuality in a streetwear market that blends so many worlds together. That’s because maharishi is built on a foundation of stringent core values that run through its entire output. Long before conversations about sustainability and ethical streetwear were featuring in magazines, and long before blogs had any clout, Blechman put in motion an ethos of recycling, sustainability and ethical practices. Many of the brand’s key pieces are produced using upcycled materials from surplus clothing. What’s more, the brand has consistently championed new, ethical materials such as natural fibre hemp.



Having endured the recent streetwear boom, along with an influx of imitators, maharishi is now experiencing a boom of its own with a reputation that has survived unscathed. The brand’s utilitarian stylings resonate potently amongst followers of both the athleisure and workwear trends. It’s easy to see why, and long may it continue.

At Tessuti we’re proud to introduce the brand to our roster for SS18, available now at our online store.

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