Getting To Know: Marc Jacobs

Getting To Know: Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs remains one of the most successful fashion designers in history. His eponymous label demonstrates the designer’s vivid perspectives. Marc Jacobs explores all elements of beauty and believes that enhancing one’s individuality is vital. Uniqueness can be achieved through his wide-ranging collections, gorgeous garments, accessories, beauty products, and fragrances.

The Marc Jacobs’ collection is animated, yet classy. His unique approach has proven immensely popular brand across the globe with both fashionistas and the everyday consumer. Jacobs identifies the mundane as a common point of reference across his work, stating “I love to take things that are everyday and make them into the most luxurious things in the world.”

Latest releases include a focus on jewel tones, which are mostly vibrant and colourful. A particular favourite for us is the revamped Double J Collection, which is sure to be an icon within the fashion industry for years to come.

Currently, we stock a selection of the latest footwear, bags and timeless accessories to ensure an effortlessly sophisticated look. One of our most popular items is the Empire Trainers, which come in white with various options of coloured diamantes on the side walls. The extraordinary footwear is a staple for any wardrobe and keeps you comfortable whilst you look good. Another highlight is the Snapshot Shoulder Bag. There are varied designs with a textured leather construction for the perfect accessory to carry your essentials in style.

Tessuti proudly present Marc Jacobs and it is available to purchase instore and online now.

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