Mercer X NASA: A Landmark Collaboration

Mercer X NASA: A Landmark Collaboration

As sneakers become increasingly futuristic it can feel as though major landmarks of the past fail to get the recognition they deserve. Step in Mercer Amsterdam. In a giant leap for the brand, they have now released a landmark collaboration with NASA, which celebrates one of modern history’s iconic moment, the Apollo 11 space mission.

Mercer X Nasa Trainers

The release takes the form of Mercer’s signature W3RD silhouette reinvented to feature a series of NASA influences. With a remit of pushing boundaries and “attaining the unattainable” the development team has worked to design a shoe that is both space-aged and trend forward. The dominant silver and white colourway is an obvious cue from the innovative space suits and technology donned by Neil Armstrong and his crew. The red laces reference NASA’s iconography. And finally blue accenting conjures images of space itself. Mercer has described the “once in a lifetime collaboration” as “reaching for the stars”. They believe it is a demonstration of innovation both in footwear and science.

Mercer X Nasa Trainers Promo

One of the more acute design aspects is a set of co-ordinates printed delicately on the trainer’s side. The selected coordinates are those of the Kennedy Space Centre, where Apollo 11 was launched on July 16th 1969. That mission put two men on the moon, Mercer’s will put these premium pieces on the feet of only ninety customers worldwide.

Mercer X Nasa Trainer

As part of the release, each pair will be cased in a limited edition box, which features Mercer branding designed to resemble a NASA utility case. The case will also contain a small drawstring bag featuring the brand logo, making the shoe a real collector’s item.

At Tessuti we will be joining Mercer in launching the trainers into the market for a few fortunate customers. It is our great pleasure to be a part of such a momentous and innovative project.

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