Moncler: a modern day review

Moncler: a modern day review

In the modern day, there are very few brands that can have the same appeal on the streets of Milan, the ski slopes of Alpine France and the cities of England without compromising elements of their identity or ethos at any point. It’s an immense achievement to retain a sense of ‘self’, particularly as a luxury brand, when the forces of the market pull you across several continents towards an increasingly diverse customer base with disparate consumer demands and expectations. And yet with all these potential issues presented to them, Moncler manage to retain that unequivocal identity that continues to receive and envious gaze from the rest of the fashion world.

To understand Moncler you have to go back to their post-war roots in the Alpine city, Grenoble, France. The positive financial performance of Western Europe in the second half of the twentieth century, which benefitted Grenoble hugely goes some way to explaining the conditions in which the brand eventually came to exist. As both a large University town and a national destination for research, technology and innovation industries Grenoble was something of a breeding ground for the facilities and skills sets required for a performance brand. Originally their output consisted largely of sleeping bags and tents prior to an expansion which saw the company move towards a performance fashion model. With the innovative qualities of the region as well as the wider Alps emerging style, Moncler was, as the cliché goes, born to be different.

There’s little difference in the company’s current approach either. They continue to act as an authority on technology and design within the field. Many have imitated their coveted work, many have failed. Recent collaborations with designer Craig Green along with a growing presence on the runway have really pushed the brand into the upper echelons of fashion. What was once a performance fashion brand, now in many ways has two faces, performance and fashion. That isn’t to say one comes at the expense of the other. Both of these faces integrate technology and exclusivity into their models, in equal measure, the only difference; the resulting product.

Of their product offering, it is Moncler’s down jackets which are most recognisable, though the brands crest adorns everything from jackets to polo shirts. Each garment is crafted with true attention to detail, an eye for design and a nod to technological progress.

Moncler is available now, in store only, at our new Tessuti flagship store in Chester.




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