A Night At The Shady Maple Motel

A Night At The Shady Maple Motel

From Canada to Berlin to Liverpool, Moose Knuckles brought us the Shady Maple Motel. Last Thursday Moose Knuckles teamed up with Tessuti to provide a night of scare and style. Hereā€™s what went down.

With a live DJ and crime scene set up, this was a Halloween night full of drama. Each guest was given a key as they entered the event. Only 4 keys would unlock the Moose Knuckles coats that were trapped in cages and the fight was on to win the warmest jackets in the world. There was a buzz of anticipation as people gathered around the cages to try their key. Cheering and excitement ensued as the winners retrieved their prize and tried on the coats that sat perfectly amongst the stylish crowd.

Moose Knucles coats in cages

There was a great deal of dancing and laughing from people in the dimly lit bar, with a Moose Knuckles horror film as their backdrop which was played around the room. Posters of a night in the Shady Maple Motel lined the walls. They displayed a group of friends wearing Moose Knuckles jackets and showing us how to be scared in style.

Motel Bar

This was a night to remember. A night for Tessuti and Moose Knuckles to come together and celebrate the next big brand for winter coats. The event did not disappoint and it had us asking ourselves, could we stay a night at the Shady Maple Motel?

Moose Knuckles Shady Maple Hotel

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