National Vegetarian Month: A Vegetarian Twist On Your Favourite Dishes

National Vegetarian Month: A Vegetarian Twist On Your Favourite Dishes

In recent years more and more people are turning away from meat and embracing vegetarian alternatives. Whether it be because of beliefs or health, there is no denying that vegetarianism is becoming a huge trend. Britain is known for our full English breakfasts or fish and chips on the beach so, in celebration of Vegetarian month, here at Tessuti we have some veggie alternatives to our British classics.

Pie and mash

There’s nothing better than getting in from a hard day and sitting down to a hearty meal of pie and mash. But you don’t have to compromise when it comes to vegetarian alternatives. For a meal that will satisfy your pie needs, the mushroom, shallot and squash pie is the answer!


When it comes to a vegetarian alternative everyone groans at the thought of the ever-dreaded nut roast. Instead of nuts, this recipe includes lentils, mushrooms and oats to give a substantial meal packed full of flavour, that won’t disintegrate under a pool of gravy.

Fish and chips

This is one for the dedicated. Not as easy to find but worth the end result, sushi nori sheets are wrapped around tofu to give the distinct fishy flavour that we all know and love. Why not wrap in newspaper to get the all-round fish and chip experience.

Cottage pie

Cottage pie is a staple in most English homes and possibly the easiest mid-week meal to turn vegetarian. With so many mince alternatives readily available you’ll barely notice the difference.

Full English

Brunch at the weekend is something that should never be compromised. Even if you’re eating veggie, a full English breakfast is an absolute must. The thing that caught our eye was definitely the halloumi bacon…We will definitely be trying this out!

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