Oban Distillery Whiskey Tasting

Oban Distillery Whiskey Tasting

Transporting you to the Scottish highlands for our winter 20 campaign, it’s time you grabbed a glass and enjoy every last drop of what Glencoe has to offer. Join us as we take you to the Oban Whiskey Distillery.Ā Established way back in 1794, the Oban Distillery is one of the oldest distillery’s in Scotland, and whilst we were shooting the campaign, it would be rude not to have tipple of the famous Whiskey.

Nestling beneath the steep cliff that overlooks Oban, the distillery is a small infrastructure built at the edge of the sea. One of the smallest whiskey makers in Scotland focusing on quality, authenticity and heritage and the whiskey speaks for itself. Named one of the smoothest and lightest.

We go behind where the magic happens, transporting you on a tour of the famous distillery.


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