Our Top Christmas Staycation: Hotel Café Royal

Our Top Christmas Staycation: Hotel Café Royal

As it turns out, some of the most memorable journeys this festive season are right here in the UK

You know, you needn’t travel far to feel a million miles away. That’s the beauty of London I suppose: its faces are legion, its facets myriad. There’s not a single brick in its millennia-strong foundations that couldn’t whisk you away on the winds of some tall tale or truer-than-true anecdote.

Hotel Café Royal

Regent Street’s Hotel Café Royal’s foundations were laid in 1865, which makes it a relatively young player in the grand scheme of London’s storied history. No matter. It’s since played host to a roll call of artists, aristocrats, rockstars, supermodels, hedonists, and bon vivants, each imparting some small imprint upon the city’s rich tapestry.

So, while staycationing at Hotel Café Royal might not feel like a journey per se, it is most certainly a trip, as they say. And why not? The Café Royal is nothing short of transportive; like stepping into your favourite fiction. The whole place is shot through with this sleek, Nolan-esque coolness. A classic, art-deco-meets-edo-chic aesthetic ripped straight from the set of Inception.

Hotel Café Royal

At ground level, The Green Bar harkens back to the glitz and glamour of Hollywood’s Golden Era; a noir-tipped ode to quiet luxury and confident excess. The joyous clinking of glasses, the sipping of drinks, and the occasional warm-hearted, high-spirited giggle do little to detract from the two-piece jazz band as they carry you from Regent Street to the Mississippi Delta in a flurry of notes.

The hotel proper is home to the kind of halls that hint at the greater, grander things to come. And they’re true to their word, too. Stepping into any one of Café Royal’s suites will have you hurling superlatives and hyperboles at anyone in earshot. Below, the streets buzz busy and electric with the energy of a thousand stomping feet and smiling faces. A million more journeys unravelling right in front of you. Like I said: You needn’t travel far to feel a million miles away. Hotel Café Royal stands as a stories-tall testament to that said same fact.


Words by Thomas Sumner of The Essential Journal

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