Everything You Need To Know About Pajar

Everything You Need To Know About Pajar

With over 55 years’ experience, Pajar is heralded as one of Canada’s foremost producers of performance fashion outerwear. In recent years, they’ve branched out further into outerwear, maintaining the high production standards that their European counterparts pioneered. We spoke to Pajar’s Vice President, Michel Golbert, about the brand and here is what he had to say…

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In a few words, how would you describe Pajar?

With over 5 generations of technical manufacturing know-how, Pajar is a Canadian Family Company specialising in the manufacturing and distribution of footwear, outerwear, and accessories.

How do you think the brand finds a balance between performance and style? 

The brand has a unique approach to what we call performance fashion.  While using highly technical materials and techniques in our assembly stages, the design and overall fashion aspect are at the heart of our manufacturing process.

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What approach does the brand take to developing new technologies?

We develop new technologies as we listen to our customers and improve our product line each year. We also pay attention to new developments in our industry in order to incorporate the latest available advances into our products.

How does the brand’s Canadian heritage influence the design of your outerwear?

A large part of Canadian heritage is the vast seasons and climates that most of Canada experiences throughout the year. We pay homage to our Canadian history by developing products that are acclimated for all weather conditions. This can be from the extreme winter conditions experienced in the Yukon, to the milder, urban conditions experienced on the streets of our more cosmopolitan cities like Montreal. Another key characteristic of Canada is the diverse cultures that populate our country. Our products envelop a similar philosophy, making the brand’s product DNA diverse, fun and functional.

As a fifth generation family business, how do you keep in touch with the company’s deep roots?

The roots of our business lie in the technical know-how and the values passed down through the generations. The roots are deep within us at all times, one can never lose touch with their core values.

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