A Walk Through The Streets Of Paris

A Walk Through The Streets Of Paris

Join Tessuti as we take you on a trip to Paris for the next chapter of our Stand Out Destinations campaign. This curated edit has taken you from Brisbane to Barcelona, and now the Parisian capital is next on our destination hit list. Here is our guide to all things French.

Paris is always a good idea and what better way to showcase Tessuti street style than in the fashion capital? No one quite does street style like the French, from oversized silhouettes to the mix and matching of luxury designer brands. Paris fashion will always stand out from the crowd, with fashion fans, buyers and industry experts alike flocking to the fancy French streets.

The secret to exploring the magical city is to walk through the cobbled streets, slowly taking in everything from architecture to shopping. Paris in the summer is a beautiful city to see, with floral decorations, summer cafes to dine in and boutique stores to browse. The streets are where you stumble on the heart of this beating capital city.

From the Eiffel Tower to a long stroll down by the Seine, spend hours seeking out brasseries on street corners. For relaxed all-day dining and French cuisine, the views from these stylish settings will be sure to amaze. 

For an authentic Parisian experience, you need to take in all the architecture the capital has to offer. From the major landmarks of the Notre Dame cathedral to hidden gems of the Latin Quarter and the hustle and bustle of Pigalle after dark crowds, these are the streets to see.

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