Paris Fashion Week AW18: Street Style

Paris Fashion Week AW18: Street Style


We took to the streets at Paris Fashion Week to take a closer look at the current trends on the ground.

2017 was a year of resurgence for retro sportswear. Reissues of classic pieces harking back to the golden ages of hip-hop and loud performance wear (think Wu Tan Clan and Lil Kim) have played a huge part in pushing this trend. Track pants, hoodies and padded jackets have all made a brave comeback in the world of high fashion. However, in this new, contemporary incarnation such pieces have been reinvigorated by premium tech forward materials and complex shapes.



Chunky footwear silhouettes are on the up. Affectionately referred to as “dad trainers” retro runners are back in a big way, and they’re getting bigger. At Tessuti, we prefer to see them as futuristic, not least for their use of luxurious materials. Heavy sole units, featuring sculptural shapes, have even attracted the attention of global fashion icons such as Kanye West and A$AP Rocky. It is unsurprising then that they were a constant at fashion week. To style these many attendees opted for slimmer trouser cuts turned up above the ankle. Alternatively, it is possible to rock retro runners with a wider, sometimes flared leg sitting just on the shoe.



Down, tweed, wool, whatever. It doesn’t matter, as long as it’s long. The overcoat, in its various forms, was a constant at Paris fashion week. Whether it was a simple top layer, over a shirt or knit, or the last of many, the overcoat completed and elevated many ensembles. The versatility of these pieces is ideal. Many at fashion week dressed down their statement jackets, teaming them with trainers. A bold few, though, remained faithful to leather boots and shoes to add some Parisian class to the proceedings. Accessorise them right and it is an enduring look.



Approaching colour, it became clear that monotone was the seasonal choice. Colour found itself, for the most part, limited to half-appearances, in small amounts, on the accents of shoes and accessories. Some of the best examples of monotone outfits used layering to create depth and texture; shirts, knits, sweats and jackets on top contributed neatly to these multi-faceted outfits.


So, 2018 is set to be a big year for retro sportswear. Combining luxury with performance, layer up to be right on trend for the new year.


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