Paris Fashion Week SS21 Highlights

Paris Fashion Week SS21 Highlights

With London and Milan’s fashion week passing not too long ago, yesterday saw the end of the penultimate fashion week of the year: Paris Fashion Week. Presenting collections for Spring/Summer 2021, we’re here to give you a rundown of what we took away from the iconic week.

Vivienne Westwood

First of all, let’s take a look at the eclectic, punk inspired range from Vivienne Westwood; who never fails to deliver daring and bold takes on fashion. Created by Westwood’s husband Andreas Kronthaler, he photographed the range himself in which he and Vivienne both feature as models in their at-home shoot, shot using only an iPhone.

The designs are flamboyant and energetic; featuring oversized ruffles and courageous tartans, the range injects life and colour into the current bleak times we are in. Whilst we’re unable to see the range showcased in person, the personal aspect and bold designs still give us some fun whilst we’re stuck inside. And whilst we’re on that note, Kronthaler really took into account the current stay-at-home aspect of our lives. Kronthaler noted of the collection that he wished to “make things uncomplicated, unfussy, clear, and clean,” as that is what he finds most important during these times. Extravagant gowns were a rarity and more casual pieces the focus.


Luxury fashion as a whole already incorporates elements of sustainability, in that most of these items are those that you seek to keep as a long term investment as opposed to a fast fashion piece; however sustainability took the forefront of this year’s fashion weeks as one of the main focuses for many brands. We have already seen this with the Vivienne Westwood collection through the minimalist approach to showcasing their work, however designers like Balenciaga, Germainer and Marine Serre have honed in on this with the use of upcycled and recycled materials at Paris Fashion Week.


(left to right: Marine Serre, Balenciaga, Germainer)

Balenciaga brought us a number of garments made from patchwork materials, with the most notable being a leather skirt made from old boots, motorcycle trousers and purses all stitched together, alongside a fur-like coat being constructed of only shoe laces. Our favourite however, may be the bathrobe which doubles as a coat for a quick trip to the shop. Who doesn’t love a multi-use item?

Germainer on the other hand, brought us extravagant and outlandish pieces that you wouldn’t even think were made from upcycled materials; but sustainability has been at the heart of the brand since its inception in 2018. Marine Serre took on a similar approach, making use of biodegradable nylon alongside the creation of a film pinpointing the need for change. Both collections feel other-worldly whilst presenting a hidden world of sustainability which we need to reach for.

Fashion week this year feels like a positive move forward in the fashion industry and is one which seeks change to a kinder and greener industry. Shop sustainable brands such as Veja, Mercer and Vivienne Westwood now.


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