PE Nation: from gym to brunch

PE Nation: from gym to brunch

Doesn’t life seem to be speeding up? Who really has the time to be digging through their wardrobe and changing for ‘every’ occasion in the day. With a fast-paced lifestyle, we need fashion forward clothing that will guide us through the many things we have to do in a day. This is where P.E. Nation comes in. It’s the sportswear brand that promotes both exercise and urban living. So here we have 3 ways to wear sportswear outside of the gym.

Going for lunch

A lunch date with friends is a weekend treat that we all look forward to. Finding the time to hang out friends can be hard so a simple t shirt is a girl’s best friend. A top that can go with anything is a must for dashing to meet friends after a morning gym session to find out the latest gossip over your favourite dish.

Weekend shopping trip

We all know how busy a weekend shopping trip can be yet we can’t resist the possibility of walking away with our hands laden down with bags, and running home to try on our new purchases. With the bustle of people all fighting for that last pair of jeans, you can start to regret putting on that jumper in the morning when the threat of rain was in the air. A lightweight jacket is the answer for layering that ensures a stress-free shopping trip (we can hope).

A scenic walk

Sometimes a change of scenery is necessary and what better way than to venture out of the gym for your exercise hit. Walking is not only the easiest form of exercise most of the time, but it also lets you explore new and beautiful places whilst being active. With scenic surroundings to capture your gaze, it’s easy to lose track of time so don’t forget a jumper to protect you from a chilly evening.

So here is the answer to looking good and feeling comfortable. Whether it be hitting the gym or hanging out with friends, P.E Nation shows us how to live a fast-paced lifestyle without sacrificing your time or your style.

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