Pioneering The Way: Female Photographer, Ása

Pioneering The Way: Female Photographer, Ása

A refreshing sight in a male-dominated industry, we recently caught up with Ása Steinarsdóttir, a female photographer from Iceland. Ása featured in our winter campaign, so we spoke with her to find out a little more about what she does and how she found it being in front of the camera.

Asa For The Pioneers Iceland

So Ása, introduce yourself a little – tell us about what you do.

My name is Ása, I am a 27-year-old engineer graduate from Iceland with a mind of an adventurer. I was born and raised in Norway but moved to Iceland when I was seven. Since then I have used every chance to escape the little island in the Atlantic, working in Norway and Turkey. During 2015 I traveled all over Asia and visited over 20 countries. Along the way, I opened two travel websites that have taught me more about web design, SEO optimisation, social media marketing, and photo editing. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, an IPMA in Project Management and I recently finished my second Bachelor in Computer Science.

What inspires you to go out and shoot?

I always want to get better and learn more about how I can develop my photography. It pushes me if I know I can try new ideas or visit new places I have never been before. For me, it’s about the creation and to see ideas become into work is a great feeling.

Asa and Joe for the pioneers

Where’s your favourite place to shoot?

I love the west fjords of Iceland. It’s a quieter area of Iceland which has incredibly diverse elements of nature. Wildlife, birds, fjords, whales, mountains and much more. Preferably in the middle of a snowstorm – that’s my favourite element.

You recently featured in our Tessuti winter campaign, how did you find being the other person in the campaign, in front of the camera and not behind it?

It was a new experience for me but also quite relaxing. I enjoyed the new role and I think it’s important to see the other side of the production. It teaches you to become a better photographer and it gave me new inspiration.

Asa For The Pioneers

What was your favourite part about the shoot with Tessuti?

The first day with the crazy storm, everything just gets more exciting when there’s a storm! It makes it more challenging for the full team. I remember when we had to hike up a mountain called Big Demon and while hiking up we had strong winds, rain, sun and hail all during the same hike.

What are your plans going forward, photographer or model?

Photographer, that’s where my passion is.


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