Pitti Uomo 97: Day 3

Pitti Uomo 97: Day 3

You know what they say; you gotta save the best ‘til last. While the last few days here at Pitti have been an unforgettable feast of sights, sounds and stand out styles, we’d be lying if we said it wasn’t our good friends and all-round troublemakers over at Moose Knuckles who truly brought the noise.

Since its launch in 2007 by Ryerson design graduates Mark Peros and Will Poho, Moose Knuckles has become synonymous with impeccable craftsmanship, enduring quality, and in-your-face attitude. We’re happy to report that nothing has changed in that respect. But the Canadian-to-the-core brand still has a fair few tricks up its expertly-crafted sleeves.

Now, it’s no secret to anyone who knows a thing or two about outerwear that these Canandian renegades produce some of the meanest and mightiest coating solutions in the business. But you won’t catch them bragging about it. They don’t need to. Ten seconds in one of their superlatively-crafted parkas or bombers is all it takes to make a believer out of anybody.

As we saw, their upcoming Speed of Light collection sees the brand put an even more audacious spin on their classically clean designs. Think reflective, sprawling signage, lenticular labels, and even a few exciting forays into layering options.

And as if making some of the best outerwear in the industry isn’t enough, Moose Knuckles also know how to throw one hell of a party. With their trademark go-big-or-go-home attitude, Moose Knuckles hit us with an afterparty so big that it literally didn’t fit within the walls of Pitti’s famous Fortezza da Basso.

Instead, Moose Knuckles took over the Palazzo Capponi for a night of beers and bangers. The famous fresco of the Palazzo’s Sala Poccetti became the cavas for the brand’s trippy, technicoloured light show. And if that wasn’t enough, the guests were free to check out the pop-up tattoo parlour for some post-party, Pitti Ink. We won’t tell you what we got or where. Sorry mom.

Credit to Will Halbert, Essential Journal.

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