Polo Ralph Lauren: Hi Tech Collection

Polo Ralph Lauren: Hi Tech Collection

As a brand, it’s been rare for Polo Ralph Lauren to spend time reminiscing over past successes. Their global appeal has quite rightly led them to pursue innovation and new ideas over the years. That being said, it’s exciting to see that the brand has recently taken a moment to revisit some of the lines that contributed to their stratospheric success in the nineties. One of those lines is the Polo Sport Hi Tech label, which as returned in a rush of colour for 2018.

Ralph Lauren Hi-Tech

Reserved for a series of increasingly ambitious tech forward pieces between 1992 and 1994, Ralph Lauren’s Hi Tech patch logo became an icon across popular culture and within collectors’ circles. For many that distinctive logo represents the very best pieces from Polo’s early explorations into the athleisure market.

Polo Ralph Lauren

Well now it’s back. What’s more, rather than simply rerelease popular items, the brand has designed an entirely new collection which, while inspired by classic designs, benefits from updated fabrication and a new wave of tech fabrics. Bold colour blocking keeps the collection in tune with its roots, conjuring images of Hi Tech’s initial heyday. Large logo motifs provide an additional reference to nineties sportswear while putting the collection firmly on trend.

Polo Ralph Lauren Hi-Tech

However, despite the Hi Tech name’s current legendary status amongst the earliest streetwear aficionados, the Lo-Lifes, Ralph Lauren will be hoping that this collection continues to introduce their name to a new audience. It is no secret that brands are turning to a new fashion obsessed consumer to carry the flag for their collections. So, naturally Ralph Lauren’s latest ventures have shades of streetwear influence to them. The Hi Tech range is sure to excite a more youth led crowd, which though fickle, still has an eye for classicism, just look at their penchant for other traditional fashion houses.

Either way, it’s an exciting time to be a Ralph Lauren fan.

The Polo Ralph Lauren Hi Tech collection is available now online and in store at Tessuti.

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