Return to the office in style with these designer must-haves

Return to the office in style with these designer must-haves

As Boris Johnson announces the easing of Covid Restrictions, many of us begin our return back to the office. Whilst many are going to miss the days spent in loungewear, it’s also a great opportunity to show off your sense of style again. Brighten up your office attire and return to the office in style with these designer must-haves.

Bags for Her

First up, we have designer bags from Vivienne Westwood. Vivienne Westwood is the perfect brand for showing off your personality or bringing classic office-luxe to the table. Whether you have a more colourful and daring wardrobe or if you look to keep to a more classic looks, Vivienne Westwood has something for everyone. The Johanna Cross Body Bag is an all-black offering, with silver detailing to show off the recognisable orb logo. In here you can keep all the essentials and pack light, and there’s even an easily-accessible front pocket for any essentials you need access to. The Squire Square bag on the other hand, brings more colour and pattern to your look. If you feel like your usual office attire or uniform is a little lifeless, bring some excitement to it with this tartan print.

Bags for Him

For the men looking for a bag to keep everything together, Valentino Bags is a great choice. This holdall bag is perfect for the commuter who may be staying away from home for work often, or just for those who need to change in the evening after work for the gym or an evening out. You can carry everything you need and still look luxurious whilst doing so.

Practical Boots

As the weather can be unpredictable, especially with early morning starts, Boots are always a great option to be prepared for wherever the day takes you. Whilst still formal enough to team with your everyday workwear, this all black boot from Barbour International will keep your feet protected come rain or shine. Shop a wide range of designer boots online at Tessuti.

Return to the office in style now with designer brands at Tessuti.

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