Six Steps To Dark And Stormy Cocktail

Six Steps To Dark And Stormy Cocktail

By now, you should be a master in cocktail making, courtesy of the Tessuti Six at Six, as we deliver refreshing cocktail recipes designed for you to enjoy at home. This week we draw our attention to the ‘Dark N Stormy’, a cocktail with a history. Created at the close of world war one by British soldiers on the shore of Bermuda.


Rum, ginger beer and lime juice.

55ml Rum

85ml Ginger beer

15ml Lime juice.

Lime wedge to garnish.


Step one

Fill a highball glass with plenty of ice.


Step two

Add your rum to the glass.


Step three

Then pour over the ginger beer.


Step four

Add the lime juice to the mix.


Step five

Stir the mixture, blending with the ice nicely.


Step six

Garnish with a lime wedge and enjoy.


The six steps couldn’t be any easier and if you want more recipes to try, head to our IGTV channel for weekly food and beverage recipes.

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