Six Steps To The Isle of Harris Martini

Six Steps To The Isle of Harris Martini

Returning for yet another week, the Tessuti happy hour provides six steps to the Isle of Harris Martini. A dry gin Martini, mixed up with a delicate yet delicious Italian Vermouth. A rather serious but strong serving that we are mixing up for the Six at Six.


75ml Isle of Harris gin

10ml Cinzano extra dry vermouth

2 drops Sugar kelp aromatic water

White grapefruit


Step one

Peel a long sliver white grapefruit and keep aside for decoration, this comes later.


Step two

Fill a mixing glass with ice.


Step three

Add isle of harris gin, vermouth and sugar kelp aromatic water to the mixing glass.


Step four

Stir with a bar spoon for 60 seconds until thoroughly chilled.


Step five

Strain the mixture into a chilled glass.


Step six

Pinch and roll the grapefruit peel to express its oils over the surface of the spirit and add as garnish.


Now, the next step would be sit back, relax and enjoy both the flavours and aromas of the Martini.

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