Socks and Slides: The Summer Shoe Debate

Socks and Slides: The Summer Shoe Debate

It’s getting closer to that time of year when we all start packing our bags and heading for foreign shores, and those of us who aren’t getting away keep our fingers crossed for just a hint of sun here in the UK. With the sunshine also comes the opportunity to shed a few layers and swap out bulky footwear for something a little more streamlined, a bit more lightweight. We are, of course, talking about slides.

Following a short stint away from the public eye during the noughties (which were famously dominated by the designer flip-flop) sliders have made their triumphant return to the market over the past few summers. Once the reserve of off duty-footballers they have even infiltrated the runway, co-opted by high profile designers such as Demna Gvasalia, adding poolside chic to spring/summer collections. All things considered, it would appear that slides are here to stay, so why not explore our range online now?

While the slide’s popularity shows no sign of dwindling, the debate rages on regarding how exactly to style such a simple footwear style. It seems the age-old debate of socks vs. no socks has reared its ugly head once more, and here we are to wade in on the topic. The answer is quite simple; both styles are acceptable, but a careful approach is required.

When it comes to socks and slides we think the look is best tackled with a casual attitude. For men, its best to avoid any statements beyond the socks and slides themselves. Partnering them with a track pant or a pair of lounging or swim shorts is preferable. It says effortless athleisure rather than try-hard. This applies to the socks as well. You’ve only one option here really, a pair sports socks. A good tube style rising to the ankle or above is typical. For women as well we’d recommend keeping this look strictly in the athleisure mould, with tracksuits, although a statement tracksuit is most certainly more of an option in this case.

Most of all there is an air of confidence that it required for this look. Like many of the more controversial looks in fashion in recent years an element of bravery goes a long way in endearing socks and slides to the untrained eye.

If you’re looking to wear your slides sans-sock there are less rules to apply. The altogether more traditional styling is less restrictive and largely needs a more broadly casual approach, it is possible to apply a dressed down look that is not strictly athleisure. Women can quite comfortably go sockless with slides while wearing a slim mum-style jean, a casual dress or anything of that ilk. For men, this look lends itself predominantly to shorts. However, track pants remain an option. Basically, anything remotely casual will do.

So there you have it. The Tessuti guide to slides. Shop our slides collection from an ever growing list of designers here.




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