Stand Out Christmas: House of Tessuti

Stand Out Christmas: House of Tessuti

This Christmas we’re giving you an insight into how a Tessuti Christmas would go down. The House of Tessuti serves as the perfect backdrop to showcase our luxury items for the festive season. This may be a Christmas unlike any other but why not use that as the perfect excuse to treat yourself to some luxury items. You deserve it.

For sitting around the table, feasting on a Christmas dinner, Tessuti ensures you’re dressed to impress this festive season. With designer shirts from the likes of Polo Ralph Lauren and party-appropriate dresses from the likes of Love Moschino, you’ll be turning all heads around the table. Make this Christmas better than ever and ensure your stay at home style reaches new levels.

For the inevitable after dinner Christmas drinks go for bold logos from Versace Jeans Couture and Moschino. With Versace Jeans Couture and Moschino t-shirts and sweatshirts you’ll be ready to brave the cold. A party from home means no closing time so don your favourite designer items and party until the sun comes up.

Joining us at the House of Tessuti as a special guest was Becky Hill wearing Barbour International. Styling up the classic pieces such as the iconic Goodwood dress with her own recognisable edge, she showed how to have a Tessuti festive celebration.

For your festive essentials shop the campaign now.

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