Stand Out Stories: Brooke Combe x Juicy Couture

Stand Out Stories: Brooke Combe x Juicy Couture

Our newest instalment of our Stand Out Stories is here, and this time we’re joined by Brooke Combe in Juicy Couture. After going viral with her series of covers over lockdown, we talk to Brooke about her music, her inspirations and her story so far. See the introducing video below for more.

Growing up in Scotland with her parents, they would often listen to Motown, Soul, Funk and much more. This in itself helped craft the musician that Brooke has become today, and continues to contribute to her music. She also takes inspiration from other artists such as the likes of Fleetwood Mac. When she came to a writers block, and rather than just listening to their music, she actually sat down and read their lyrics too. Discovering the story of the songs helped her a lot with her own song writing process and has helped her go on to create her own thing that she enjoys.

Alongside this, she has supportive friends and family who help to keep her grounded every step of the way which is something very important to have as a rising artist like Brooke. She’s always drawing inspiration from those around her and other musicians. It helps to see how others work, how they sing, what techniques they use. Drawing inspiration from a variety of sources has helped Brooke to create something unique to her that works well for her, and we expect to see get her far in the industry.

Find out more with our ‘In Conversation With’ dropping at 6pm 27/07 over on our IGTV. 

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