Stand Out Stories: Chelcee Grimes X Love Moschino

Stand Out Stories: Chelcee Grimes X Love Moschino

She’s a Grammy nominated songwriter. An avid footballer for Tranmere Rovers. A TV and Radio Presenter. At this point, we’re wondering if there’s anything Chelcee Grimes can’t do. So it’s no wonder we wanted to invite her to be a part of our Stand Out Stories. This week, Chelcee Grimes joins us is in partnership with Love Moschino as she discusses her goals and successes. You can check out our conversation here, or read on to see the campaign.

“Do Whatever Feels Good”

In discussion with Chelcee, we found that she got to where she is today by doing whatever makes her feel good. She pushes forward no matter what life throws at her and has a strong willingness to succeed that never holds her back. She’s got the confidence and self-assurance to not only know what she wants, but to go out and get it too.

Chelcee Grimes x Love Moschino

Splashes of Colour

Even just scrolling through Chelcee’s Instagram, you can get a sense of her style. With pops of colour and nods to the noughties and nineties mixed in, her wardrobe fills us with happiness. That’s why Love Moschino felt like the perfect pairing. With splashes of colour and graphic tees, they don’t feel out of place amongst what we would usually see Chelcee wearing. Take the above tee for example. The bold pinks make a great stand out feature and the paint splashes add a little bit of fun, whilst the black tee levels things out so the colour pops just that little bit more.

Chelcee Grimes x Love Moschino


Colour doesn’t always have to mean bold. Here we can see more subdued, pastel-like colours whilst the print still remains playful and fun like Chelcee. The white sleeves draw the attention to the print and the sweatshirt works great with classic skinny jeans or leggings. Or you could go for a more nineties/eighties feel, and pair with loose fitted mom jeans / boyfriend jeans. With so many creative outlets, we imagine Chelcee is on the go a lot which makes sweatshirts a great easy option to pair with anything and feel comfortable and stylish.

Shop the collection here and make sure to check out the feature on our Instagram and YouTube channels.

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