Stand Out Stories: Hak Baker X CP Company

Stand Out Stories: Hak Baker X CP Company

What came first? A love for fashion or a love for music? We’re joined by London’s rising star, musician Hak Baker for the first spearhead of our Stand Out Stories campaign. These are the stories that matter, the stories that you just can’t ignore, told through the lens of fashion and culture with CP Company.


Taking it back to the beginning, to the Isle of Dogs where Hak grew up, we capture the ‘islander’ in the environment where it all started for him. From George Green’s secondary school, where Hak first discovered his love for words. To the youth club where they would learn to perform. These are the places that shaped Hak’s stand out story.


Born and raised in London, CP Company has always had an influence in Hak’s life, whether it was dressing up flash for the youth club or spending the night in Pelliccis, before it was niche and cool, the destination to be for both great laughs and great food. The brand holds a place in him, for who he is today.


Back in the day, dressing well was always a part of who Hak was. ‘One of the first shirts I bought was CP Company, I always wanted a bit of CP.’ Fashion shaped Hak’s identity, making CP Company the perfect pairing for our first Stand Out Story.

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