Stand Out Stories: In Conversation With Gene Gallagher

Stand Out Stories: In Conversation With Gene Gallagher

This is Gene Gallagher and this is his stand out story. Son of musician Liam Gallagher, we discuss his life growing up, his inspiration and his own musical career. Watch the full conversation below.

On getting into music

That was the big bang of music in my head; I was instantly into the likes of The Who. They were the first band that I got into. ‘Quadrophenia’ was the first record that I ever got. It was a present. A vintage copy. I’ve still got it but it’s absolutely ruined.

On mods and rockers

I think I would have been a Mod back in the day. They were so passionate about their culture. I can relate to that in a big way. I would have loved to have been there, back in ‘65.

On modern music

My brother’s really into modern music. He’s always at gigs so he knows the scene inside out. He got me into the likes of Fat White Family and Black Midi. He’s obsessed with them and that’s slowly but surely rubbed off on me. I went to the 100 Club ages ago now. That was where I first saw Black Midi play. I just got to thinking ‘how are more people not doing this?’ There’s such a big gap for that kind of music.

On being in a band

There are so many things that can go wrong when making a band. I didn’t really realise that at first, but there’s so much, right down to the people in it. There are so many moving parts.
Being in the situation I’m in, I feel like the best path for me is to take my time and wait for the right moment. Things need to be ready, perfect even, before I make a move.

On music heroes and influences

Alex Turner was the main inspiration behind me wanting to sing and play guitar at the same time. I like the way Steve Albini plays, too. And he produces some really good albums.

On style

That’s what gets you first; the look. Everything else follows. Like Nirvana; Kurt Cobain is just a fashion icon, isn’t he? And he didn’t even mean to be. It’s so hard to look cool nowadays. So when people really pull it off it’s even more impressive. Back in the day, a lot of people looked cool. All the rock n’ roll bands – Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath – looked amazing without even meaning to. You’ve got to keep it casual but have a bit of good bits on you, you know? I definitely think vintage is the way to go – all that stuff looks great. That, and Paul Smith of course.

On musical instruments

Guitar is my number one, one hundred percent. It used to be drums growing up. My dad wanted me to play drums but guitar is my main thing. But then there’s piano and keyboard. If I could only play the piano, I’d still be set. It’s the god of instruments! Once you’ve mastered the piano it’s game over. I’ve been playing this little Casio keyboard of late, with all these funky little sounds on. It’s nice and portable so I’ve just been taking it everywhere.

On making it in the music industry

Music is infinite, when you think about it. It can never burn out. You can run away from it but you’re still in it. It still has you. It never gets boring. If it makes me happy then that’s all that matters. If I like it then I’ll be happy to put it out anywhere. Only I can determine my own success because I decide if I’m satisfied with my music or not. And as long as I’m happy with it then it’s a success.

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