Stand Out Stories: In Conversation With Oh Wonder

Stand Out Stories: In Conversation With Oh Wonder

This week we sit down with the musical duo Oh Wonder, to discuss how the duo met, what touring life is like and how the pair survived lockdown: including creating break up songs that revealed all the reasons they stayed together.

If you don’t know who Oh Wonder are, we can certainly help fill in the blanks. Labelled as alternative or ‘indie pop’, the dynamic duo first emerged onto the music scene back in 2014 and since then have accumulated over 7 million active listeners a month as well as over a 1/4 of a billion streams in a year. There’s no stopping the band, and it’s positive to see that despite their success they remain humble and touched by the highlights in their career.

It’s amazing travelling the world, meeting everyone from all walks of life, and somehow they all connect over your music.’ This is Oh Wonder in partnership with Parajumpers and this is their stand out story. Catch the full interview below. 

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